Conversations with Mrs. Iddon, Pt. 2

“Becky at work is going on holiday.”

“Becky Greer? The other paralegal?”

“No, Becky Morris.”

“I don’t know who that is.”

“No, you’ve never met her.”

“Well, shit. I’m hooked. Where is she going?”

“She’s off on a city break.”

“Where to?”


“You don’t sound sure.”

“Might not be Europe.”

“Which? You just narrowed it down to the entire planet.”

“It’s somewhere we’ve been before.”








“No. We’ve never been to Australia.”

“I said Lis… wait, what?”

“It was somewhere we’ve been before. We’ve never been to Brisbane.”

“Lisbon. I said Lisbon. Portugal.”

“Oh, right. No, it wasn’t there.”

“Would it be more efficient if I pulled up a list of every European city for us to work through?”

“I never said it was in Europe.”

“I’d bet the farm that you did.”

“Corfu! I think she’s going to Corfu!”

“Corfu is in Europe.”

“Oh yeah. Maybe it was somewhere in Europe, then… is she going somewhere in Europe?”

“Jules! I don’t know! How could I possibly know?”

“Pretty sure it’s Corfu. I think she’s going to Corfu.”

“Right. Good. Becky is going to Corfu.”


“But hang on…”


“You said she was going on a city break. Corfu isn’t really know for its cities.”

“She’s definitely going on a city break. I think.”

“How long for?”

“A week. Pretty sure she said a week. Not sure.”

“You don’t tend to go on a city break for a whole week.”

“Maybe it wasn’t a city break, then.”

“Or perhaps it wasn’t a week? I feel we’re not really hammering down all the details.”

“I can’t remember how long she’s going for.”

“So just to be clear, the headline tonight is that someone I’ve never met is going somewhere we can’t identify for an indeterminate amount of time.”

“That’s about the size of it.”

“Good. This was a riveting adventure. Please do keep me updated.”

N.b: the movie rights to Mrs. Iddon’s story are still available. 

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