Old Things What Zeke Did

The Old Site

How Titty Biscuits used to look. I’ve owned this domain for so long, it’s legally old enough to drink (I bet its drink of choice would be vermouth, or something weird like that).

The 3:16 Podcast

The statistical average length of time anyone will watch or listen to anything on the internet is 3:16, so that’s exactly how long we made our podcast. It’s like a show for the ADHD generation, with topics given to us by fans.

The Radio Show

A station was wreckless enough to give my brother and I a radio show. This was how we got on.

Iron Man Mode

A charity gaming website, optimised for the Internet. Play a video game, blog the adventure, then stop the first time you die. Raised over $5,000 for Child’s Play Charity before we all pretty much died in real life.

N00bs on a Plane!

Can I interview a special guest while we both try to land a plane? Rarely.

Round-The-World Live Charity Marathon

In 2014, I sat down in a chair. I did not leave that chair for three days as I circumnavigated a 1:1 scale map of the world in my flight sim, livestreaming all the way and raising over $2,800 for charity. Sadly, archival footage of the stream was lost, save for the final landing.

Choose Your Own Adventure: LIVE!

Remember those old ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books? They sure as hell remember you, my friend. I revisited my childhood by playing a few with a live audience picking which page we turned to. They chose our adventure, if you will! And even if you won’t.

Guitar Hero World Record

Another stupid idea I had. Got a Guinness World Record out of it though, so who’s stupid now, eh? (Still me.)