The Time I Chatted to David Huntsberger

I got a Skype call from LA comedian David Huntsberger  the other night. It was about 3:00AM and I was napping in my office chair at the time.

I heard the ubiquitous Skype tone, snapped awake, wiped the gunk from my oculars, and instantly answered the call, because it’s David Huntsberger and I’ll never pass up an opportunity to have a groggy chat with David Huntsberger, even if David Huntsberger has a terrible grasp of how timezones work.

David, formerly of the immensely successful Professor Blastoff podcast (archive here while it lasts* ), now hosts The Space Cave. Our chat ended up as the first of his Patreon bonus episodes, but here’s a copy of my bit.

That’s right – I’ve contributed to David’s Patreon feed and retrieved this so you don’t have to! I mean… hang on, no, wait. You should support David too. Me stealing content featuring me is probably not how this works. That’s probably not how any of this works.

We talk about sexual awakenings at the hairdressers, the British perspective on Trump, being punched in the face by Bruce Willis, how Lady Gaga could be the new Michael Jackson and the pitfalls of hustling your art.

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