Holler At Your Boy Zeke

Oh hello! It’s your old pal, Zeke.

You can find me on Twitter. That’s my main thing these days. Disclaimer: all tweets, opinions and views expressed are my own, because obviously they are. Who’s sitting around having other people’s opinions? That would be really fucking abstract.

I’m also on YouTube. If you hadn’t already heard.

I also ‘have an Instagram’, which is about as close to modern, cool kid vernacular as I get. Honestly, I still don’t know what the hell Snapchat is. I don’t really use my Instagram either, because I am sad.

Contacting me for business? Sweet, because when I’m not making dumb stuff for my own profit, I make slightly-less-dumb stuff for companies by day. If you need a content marketing specialist or social media manager, contact me via the email address below for my resume. While doing so, please ignore all that stuff I said just then about not knowing what Instagram or Snapchat is. I can convince both your company and myself that I not only know exactly what they are, but why your business needs them.

Fan mail, media requests, business enquiries and endless guest post requests from two-bit SEO companies to:


Please can someone also email me to confirm it’s not just me that finds it weird that emailing someone these days feels strangely antiquated already